Yes, yes, it's just one of those classic murat's you play ball with in tight quarters. I lived my childhood exactly according to Turkish customs, traditions and customs. But my great vision, which developed in narrow neighborhoods, first introduced me to the internet and then to the world. As a result of the meeting of the son of a traditional Turkish family with advertising, software, various initiatives, the Internet and modern technology, I started to draw a new path for myself. I am a person who values ​​basic moral concepts and likes to help people. I believe that the neighborhood I live in and the culture I come from have a great influence on this. But I do this not by advertising, but in secrecy as it should be, without embarrassing anyone.

Note:  I am my mother's miracle

My Specialties

Life Coach

Life coaching is the art of coaching and the process of helping people define and achieve personal goals by developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment.

Defense Industry

To combine knowledge and experience with technological innovations, to design and produce products based on R&D in line with customer demands, to ensure their

continuity, to meet the needs of the defense industry to the maximum extent and to have a greater say in the international arena.

Stock Exchange and Cryptocurrency Consulting

My only goal is to evaluate your savings in the most logical way.

Brand and Corporate Consulting

The strategic plan created in order to advance on solid foundations in your business and corporate lives and to achieve commercial goals is prepared within the scope of brand consultancy. I help you move on the line towards new or existing brands.
In the modern age, when digital life is widespread, it is not always possible to ensure the growth of the brand with the old methods.

Real Estate and Investment Services

Combining this ground prepared by my family with my own infrastructure, to carry out successful and continuous works in various sectors such as investment, real estate and construction in line with today’s technology and my abilities.

Energy and Fuel Solutions

Different fuel and energy solution projects for sustainable life globally.

Spiritual and Mental

I help my clients find the treasure that is hidden in them when they are forced in the race of life alternatively and psychologically and cannot be resolved.
Meditation, Reiki, Access Bars, Theta, Breathing Exercises, Energy Work, Mental Support.

Health and Life Technologies

Our breakthroughs and new technological moves to facilitate health and living comfort.

We aim to produce great results by blending the problems between old and new technology.

Technology and Software Services

My informatics adventure, which started many years ago, still continues by improving itself. During this time, I learned many features and I continue to learn. To give a clear history, my IT adventure was 22 years ago when I started with my Commodore 64 computer and as I mentioned, I am still developing by adding more information on top of my knowledge.

Web 3.0 + Metaverse

Metaverse or virtual universe is called the perceptual universe where people feel completely mentally through augmented virtual reality devices without any physical effort.

Global Development Projects

First our country, then global development projects and development models

Art & Antiques

I actually have a very old friendship with art. My work on sculpture and plaster dates back about 25 years. But if you ask when did you realize this and reveal it, the love of painting and music in me started to form after 2017.


Project management


Process improvement


Google AdWords

Perception Management

System Vulnerabilities

Data analysis

Next Generation Technologies

Microsoft Office

Strategic planning


Coding and Programming


Node Js


React Native




Web Programming