Hello, my name is Murat Mustafa Ciritçi

Yes, yes, it's just one of those classic murats you play ball with in tight quarters. I lived my childhood exactly according to Turkish customs, traditions and customs. But my great vision, which developed in narrow neighborhoods, first introduced me to the internet and then to the world. As a result of the meeting of the son of a traditional Turkish family with advertising, software, various initiatives, the Internet and modern technology, I started to draw a new path for myself. I am a person who values ​​basic moral concepts and likes to help people.
I believe that the neighborhood I live in and the culture I come from have a great influence on this. But I do this not by advertising, but in secrecy as it should be, without embarrassing anyone. I am a patriotic person in love with the land I live in. Among my greatest ideals, I want to develop the Turkish society as much as possible and contribute to their vision of the big picture.

My Family

My father is from Erzurum Horasan, my mother is from Gümüşhane and Trabzon. I was born in the state hospital in Bakırköy, Istanbul. I lived my childhood in Küçükçekmece. Facts such as upbringing, morality, justice, patriotism, etc., which I take as a basis, constitute the building blocks of my character. In my youth, I made mistakes, as any human would. Compared to my peers, I achieved success far above them and had feelings such as lust and ego. At the end of the time I wasted, I crashed to the bottom with a big drop. Then I started to take steps to become a new person by experiencing an inner transformation for a certain period of time. And I still continue… Among my new ideals, there are basic elements such as being a just and useful individual to his country, nation and humanity. My religious faith, thank God, is Islam. In addition to these, as I learned from our ancestors and religion, I love to open my hands to all religions, humanity and thoughts and to support their lives even a little bit. Being a part of this beautiful country makes me proud. I hope that I will continue to represent our country to the best of my ability, in a fair manner, fully open to innovations, on this path I have embarked on.


My Thoughts

It is in my greatest desires that my dear country, where adequate infrastructure in the field of Information and Technology is still not formed, to take its place in the first place in the world ranking.

If we talk about my ideas about the defense industry, I think that in recent years, we need to prove ourselves by showing our national systems more in the world press and in areas where it is deemed necessary, and make social and individual contributions in order to take ourselves forward by helping us in the new age. I will present my designs on this subject in the near future.

Instead of constantly criticizing the system, my opinion on the problems of our country and the world will be to produce plans to improve it and to share these issues with the necessary authorities. One of the conveniences of today's age is that it is now easy to reach the competent authorities. That's why, instead of criticizing and condemning the negative or similar situations we see around us, we should first take responsibility for ourselves. Today, there is a huge disease called personal selfishness. This is not really what I saw in my childhood. Of course, everyone thinks of themselves and their relatives first. For the simplest example, there was one of the simple but most valuable treasures in the world, which we call neighborhood relations. Now everyone's mind is to save their own ship. No one wants to take a single step for another. How happy can you be alone in a huge ocean?

The classic Murat, who grew up in those narrow streets, is now trying to raise awareness by breaking the mold. It suggests developing people's vision, taking responsibility. Finally, I absolutely do not tolerate our young people fleeing this country. For a certain period of time, it is possible to travel, study and research in order to understand the education or world system. But if you run away from the land of your birth instead of taking it forward, you cannot explain it in any logic. Even though we have facilities that are not available in many parts of the world, I find it difficult to understand the thoughts of unnecessary xenophobia that occur in people. The people of the countries that are already admired are in this situation because they help that system and add something themselves. When we understand this, we will have taken a big step towards achieving everything.


My Specialties

Life Coach

Life coaching is the art of coaching and the process of helping people define and achieve personal goals by developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment.

Defense Industry

To combine knowledge and experience with technological innovations, to design and produce products based on R&D in line with customer demands, to ensure their

continuity, to meet the needs of the defense industry to the maximum extent and to have a greater say in the international arena.

Stock Exchange and Cryptocurrency Consulting

My only goal is to evaluate your savings in the most logical way.

Brand and Corporate Consulting

The strategic plan created in order to advance on solid foundations in your business and corporate lives and to achieve commercial goals is prepared within the scope of brand consultancy. I help you move on the line towards new or existing brands.
In the modern age, when digital life is widespread, it is not always possible to ensure the growth of the brand with the old methods.

Real Estate and Investment Services

Combining this ground prepared by my family with my own infrastructure, to carry out successful and continuous works in various sectors such as investment, real estate and construction in line with today’s technology and my abilities.

Energy and Fuel Solutions

Different fuel and energy solution projects for sustainable life globally.

Spiritual and Mental

I help my clients find the treasure that is hidden in them when they are forced in the race of life alternatively and psychologically and cannot be resolved.
Meditation, Reiki, Access Bars, Theta, Breathing Exercises, Energy Work, Mental Support.

Health and Life Technologies

Our breakthroughs and new technological moves to facilitate health and living comfort.

We aim to produce great results by blending the problems between old and new technology.

Technology and Software Services

My informatics adventure, which started many years ago, still continues by improving itself. During this time, I learned many features and I continue to learn. To give a clear history, my IT adventure was 22 years ago when I started with my Commodore 64 computer and as I mentioned, I am still developing by adding more information on top of my knowledge.

Web 3.0 + Metaverse

Metaverse or virtual universe is called the perceptual universe where people feel completely mentally through augmented virtual reality devices without any physical effort.

Global Development Projects

First our country, then global development projects and development models

Art & Antiques

I actually have a very old friendship with art. My work on sculpture and plaster dates back about 25 years. But if you ask when did you realize this and reveal it, the love of painting and music in me started to form after 2017.


Highlighting the Nationalist Feelings of Türkiye's Youth

Understanding of Nationalism in Turkey
Turkish nationalism defends the unity, integrity and strength of the Turkish nation. It accepts Islam as the main element and struggles against regional problems.

Nationalism draws attention with its increasing popularity, especially in recent years.

Effects on Youth's Feelings of Nationalism
Nationalist education policies can lead the youth to nationalist feelings.

The frequent use of nationalist discourses in the media should increase the nationalist feelings of the youth.

Nationalist policies and leaders strengthen the nationalist feelings of the youth.

The Popularity Nationalism Should Gain
Popular culture:
Nationalist discourses should be featured in television programs, art movements, youth festivals, movies and music, and much more in the press.

Young people in Turkey cannot fully express their identification with nationalism.

Nationalism has become the main element of the political debate in Turkey.

Benefits of Nationalism
Nationalism ensures the unity and integrity of the nation.
Nationalism increases citizens' sense of patriotism.
Nationalism can be used to achieve social justice.

Kind regards,
Murat Mustafa Ciritci

Universal basic income for Turkey (ETG)

Every citizen a universal basic income the income of a certain amount of obtained model. This model can be used to reduce poverty throughout the country, and may play a role in encouraging labour force participation to increase.

The Transformative Power Of Social Justice

A Universal Model Is:
Any citizen can receive a certain amount of the basic income system. This model accepts that everyone has the right to be treated in an equal and fair manner.

Reduces Poverty:
Universal basic income, and reduce poverty levels can promote social justice.

Encourages You To Contribute:
Because this may increase the labour force participation rate of citizens to meet their basic needs, they can be more selective about the conditions they work.

In which the legal and economic changes are necessary?

The Main Changes Are:
Constitutional reforms and economic applications, it is important for the implementation of universal basic income.

Fiscal Policies:
Universal basic income, can use different fiscal policies that contains a mixed economic system. These models vary according to the current economic conditions.

Determination Of Basic Needs:
Under a system of universal basic income, it is important to identify the basic needs of citizens. Different living conditions in different provinces should also be considered.

The Potential Benefits Of A Universal Basic Income

Poverty Reduction:
Universal basic income reduce poverty and enhances social justice.

More Labour Force Participation:
Which is sure to meet their basic needs of citizens by being more selective, they can demand better working conditions and wages.

Social Security:
Meet the basic needs of citizens, poverty reduces the risk of illness and disability in the case of different social and provides assurance.

The New Economic System To The Person With More Margin Calls

In Turkey, there are many advantages that brings to benefit from universal basic income. This model provides more margin for individuals and a new economic environment creates. This, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and encourages a freer life.

The Equality Of Income Distribution Improves

Universal basic income may increase the equality of income distribution, and social justice can strengthen. In addition, in times of mass unemployment, Universal basic income, sources of income can meet the basic needs of the people who are in need of.

Income Universal Solution Models

Basic Income Model:
Everyone, just because of the existence of a regular basic income is a system that has. This income is sufficient to meet the basic needs of the people, and makes people's lives less stressful.

Positive Aspects:
The enhancement of the welfare of poor people, everyone's basic needs met, people social rights, liberty, equality, and Justice.

Stage Of Development:
The application was attempted in more than one country but overall it's not very common.

Possible Problems:
Non-working and the cost of inequality between those who are working people, the effect on employment to encourage risk.

The Community-Based Model
This model is applied in places where it is not possible for everyone basic income. In this model, people are supported with revenue from other communities.

Farmers to support each other, to reduce production costs and increase their bargaining power is provided.

Grants and donations that are given by various people with local civil society organisations are supported.

Businesses that provide contributions directly to employees.

Respect Labor Model
In this model, contribute to the wellbeing of employers to pay workers a higher salary.

To keep high the morale of the workers, to promote their work.

Training Opportunities:
Workers by offering training and development opportunities, by providing flexible working hours.

Social Rights:
Social rights of employees and employers are met by ensuring that charged.

In this model, increases the costs to employers, but check with the staff to be hired for better quality may result.

Tax Financing Model
This model, it is financed by general tax money collected from this source countries. This tax, especially in high-income people, and companies, is a tax that employers must pay.

High-gain more people and companies who are required to pay tax.

It is funded through taxes, social programs are distributed through the source countries.

Ineffective social programs, inadequate facilities, the promotion of charitable aid.

The debate about universal basic income

A Discussion Of Authority:
Some of them, says a universal basic income could trigger issues with authority. Some people work to satisfy their basic needs they didn't have to many people for their jobs may not be needed.

The Discussion On Social Justice:
Some universal basic income, a team that will bring a solution to the problems of social justice believe. However, this system and what resources will be used to fund where it is cut it is still unclear where or which.

The Implementation Discussion:
Universal basic income countries regarding the application of the differences in the application process, can make it difficult.

Kind regards, 

Murat Mustafa Ciritci

Solutions for Migrants and Asylum Seekers

Reasons for Migration: Many factors such as economic and political reasons, natural disasters and conflicts can cause migration.

Challenges Immigrants Face: Legal restrictions, social pressure, sense of alienation and citizenship needs.

Consequences: The economic, cultural and social adaptation of immigrants can have major impacts on the cohesion and economy of society.

Challenges Asylum Seekers Face

Shelter: Asylum seekers often find it difficult to find accommodation and are forced to live in inadequate conditions.

Nutrition: Providing adequate nutrition is difficult and expensive. This may cause health problems.

Employment: Asylum seekers may find it difficult to obtain a work permit and must meet certain criteria to find a job

Education: Child asylum seekers are often deprived of a regular school environment. However, education is vital to them.

Analysis of Existing Solutions

Humanitarian Aid: International organizations, governments and NGOs provide food, water, shelter and medical assistance to refugees.

Integration: Language training, employment opportunities and cultural integration programs can be offered for the integration of asylum seekers into society.

Relocation: Asylum seekers are resettled in other countries where they are integrated in terms of language, culture and social cohesion.

Support Programs: Children's out-of-school education is supported and adults' job skills are developed with devices, books, and other resources.

Example Solutions and Success Stories

International University of Munich Foundation: Launched the MMU refugee program to provide refugees with high-quality education and job opportunities.

The Netherlands' Latest Model for the Asylum Seeker: The Netherlands offers job training, national language training and integration programs to newly arrived asylum seekers.

Canada Asylum Seeker Program: Canada offers a comprehensive support program to ensure the economic, social and cultural integration of asylum seekers.

New Solution Suggestions and Contents

Social Benefit: It can be done by encouraging employers to hire refugees with appropriate incentives such as tax incentives.

Development Options: Providing refugees with various compulsory job trainings for job and social development and then assisting them in a controlled manner.

Education: Developing projects to offer local language education to refugees and enriching programs for culture and civilization in schools as a whole.

Conclusion and Summary

Hope: Despite a long and difficult process in many countries, immigrants and asylum seekers have been integrated. Although this process takes effort, there is always hope.

Support: International organizations, communities and individuals voluntarily provide services and support for asylum seekers.

Integration: Although the development of refugees and migrants sometimes faces challenges, it can benefit both migrants and host communities in the long run.

Kind regards, 

Murat Mustafa Ciritci

ARC fusion reactor the importance for Turkey

The development of the ARC fusion reactor is of great importance for Türkiye.

As a rapidly growing country, Turkey needs a reliable and sustainable energy source to meet its increasing demands.

The ARC fusion reactor offers a promising solution to this problem, as it has the potential to provide an almost unlimited source of clean energy. In addition, the construction and operation of the ARC fusion reactor in Turkey will not only advance science and technology, but will also support the country's economic growth.

The project will create job opportunities and attract investments and ultimately contribute to the overall development of the nation.

Turkey can already show its commitment to the development of fusion energy by participating in ITER and similar projects.

The addition of an ARC fusion reactor in Turkey will further consolidate the country's leading position in this field. In conclusion, the ARC fusion reactor has a huge potential for Turkey in terms of economic growth and sustainable energy.

Its development and implementation will not only benefit the country but also contribute to the global effort towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Kind regards, 

Murat Mustafa Ciritci

Quantum Dark energy and Fusion

Another area of interest in quantum mechanics is the study of dark energy, also known as kara energy. Dark energy is a theoretical form of energy that is believed to be responsible for the accelerating expansion of the universe. The study of dark energy is an active area of research in both cosmology and quantum physics.

Overall, quantum mechanics is a complex and fascinating field that has led to many groundbreaking discoveries and technologies. Its principles continue to be studied and applied in a wide range of fields, from quantum computing to particle physics.

The future of quantum physics and fusion is one of the most exciting and intriguing prospects in science. Quantum physics, with its focus on the behavior of particles at the subatomic level, has already revolutionized the way we think about the universe and promises to continue to do so for years to come. Likewise, fusion, which is the process of combining two atomic nuclei to form a heavier nucleus, could potentially provide an almost limitless source of clean energy.

As our understanding of quantum physics grows, we are discovering new and exciting applications for this field. For example, quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize computing as we know it, allowing us to solve complex problems in a fraction of the time it would take a classical computer. Additionally, quantum physics is being used to develop new materials and technologies that could have a profound impact on everything from medicine to energy.

Similarly, fusion is a field that holds tremendous promise. Unlike fission, which is the process of splitting an atomic nucleus, fusion produces little to no radioactive waste and has the potential to generate vast amounts of clean energy. While significant challenges remain in developing sustainable fusion reactors, progress is being made and many experts believe that we could see commercially viable fusion power in the coming decades.

In short, the future of quantum physics and fusion is one of great promise and potential. As we continue to explore these fields, we will undoubtedly make new discoveries that will change the way we live and work for generations to come.

Kind regards,
Murat Mustafa Ciritçi

Country Development Strategies