I actually have a very old friendship with art. My work on sculpture and plaster dates back about 25 years. But if you ask when did you realize this and reveal it, the love of painting and music in me started to form after 2017.


My discovery of my interest and orientation towards painting manifested itself at the end of my closing phase, in the beginning of 2020. This way, which I applied to myself as a kind of therapy, worked very well. Frankly, I strongly recommend you to try it. Talking about myself personally, I painted almost any material I could find without being fixed in any style. I had to tinker with old wooden pieces, cardboard, paper, sacks, even sheets when I couldn't find anything one night. I was using various parts LIKE candles, sprays to introduce differences. In fact, in my last works, I started to work on the notebooks of old musicians that I obtained from the antique market. There were many interesting and different studies. I have experimented with wall painting and large paintings. These works of mine continue in a much more professional way than before. As you know, the muse should not be missed. When you catch that passion for a moment, you should let go of whatever job you are dealing with and focus on what inspires you. In this way, you can reveal very interesting works.

Digital Art

the state of istanbul 300 years later.


I can say that I owe my development in sculpture to my apprenticeship with someone who was a master in this field in my childhood. As in every field, it is necessary to be successful when you swallow the dust of the profession at a young age. My master was doing a wide variety of things. To give an example of these; sculptures were works that would attract the attention of the child at that age, such as plaster paintings. In other words, I can say that it is still intact, just as my mind had followed these with enthusiasm at that time. My dive into fields such as Painting and Sculpture can be tried at the same time. I used plasters and ytong bricks as sculptures. Frankly, when we look at the result, it is not considered incompetent. I have produced aesthetic works that I never expected from myself. I started with just knives and cutters. I believe that I have produced really good works with these two materials.


Stone Art

Art with pebbles on sand


Alternating Currents

I started making something out of every object I found. I also made miniature figurines out of empty beverage cans. I made things like candle holders. In addition to these, I had a few attempts on wood, but I couldn't focus on it because I messed up a lot. But I continued without giving up. I continued to produce alternative things such as coffee tables from old tires and poufs from large water pads. 2015