Creating a Wikipedia Page


I can create and approve your page on Wikipedia. In order to create a page, I can provide all the required conditions and publish your page and then get approval.

To benefit from this service, you must have news on national news sites.

Your transactions are prepared, completed and approved quickly and professionally, as I have mastered the criteria and conditions required for creating a page.

After the process, Google Knowledge Panel is formed. Since this panel is pulled directly from Wikipedia, you are very likely to get blue ticks on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok.


Service and Terms
* I do not accept every job. I am giving information as a result of the necessary investigations.
* The services provided are divided into “before page approval” and “after page approval”.
* The service continues until the approval process of the page. When the page is approved, the transaction is completed and the service is considered successful.
* After the pages are approved, none of the responsibilities that may occur despite the changes made by the people I serve, their acquaintances or independent people do not belong to me.
* If a page is approved, it happens as a result of the joint decision of the authorities. We are not in a position to interfere with, change or discourage this decision.
* Persons who will receive service must read these terms and make payment after accepting them. If the agreement is reached and the payment is made, the “Service and Conditions” is deemed to have been accepted.


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