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Information Gathering Tool Sherlock

🛑 Commands in Order
🛑 You can use the python command for Windows and python3 for Linux and macos.

=>cd sherlock (to enter Sherlock folder)
=>python -m pip install -r requirements.txt (Allows the installation of libraries and packages required to use the program.)
=>python sherlock username (its usage is like this.)
=>python sherlock muratciritci (example)

🛑 Sherlock is an open source software that works via the command line and can search for usernames on many different social media sites and web platforms.
🛑 When you enter a username, it checks which sites that username is registered on and reports the findings to you.
🛑 This can be useful to get a quick overview of a person or organization.  All of the links here may not belong to that person.
🛑 It will be necessary to check.  At the same time, this information is public information.  Therefore, there is no illegal use.  It just speeds up the search process.



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