Account opening bots for Yandex, Yahoo, Mail.


The bot has a built-in browser.

-Bot is not perceived as a bot by Google because it makes the manual process fast and stable. Therefore, the mails are used without any problems.

-The bot opens e-mails within the time period you write in the box in the upper left corner. (We recommend that you open it every 8-10 minutes)

-If you want, you can open e-mails with the name and surname password recovery you have entered. If you want, it creates the mails by randomly pulling the names in the txt file. (In the video below, it is opened with a foreign name. You can enter your name and surname into txt files as you wish.)

-Passwords and recovery mails are also entered randomly in random mode. In the check mode from txt, you can determine everything yourself, including your name, surname and password.

-As seen in the video, only the phone confirmation part is done manually for now. Our work on automating the approval part continues. After it is completed, the new version and all other updates will be sent to all friends who received it quickly. (We will give your country numbers that work smoothly on 3 approval sites to the buyer in a list.)

Finally, if we briefly summarize the operation of the bot;


random or manual mail opener is selected.

In the upper left box, the number of minutes the bot will run is entered. (8-10min interval is recommended)

Press the start button and the bot starts working.

In the number confirmation section, you can easily confirm and open your mail.

When you press the Continue button, it enters your modem interface and resets your modem. And the counter starts. ( IF YOU WISH, YOU CAN ONLY OPEN THE MAIL, IF YOU WISH, YOU CAN ALSO OPEN THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL OF THE MAIL OPENED ADDITIONALLY. CHANNEL LINK IS PASTE TO TXT FILE)

When the time you have entered expires, it first deletes the browser history cookies and the bot continues to open.


Note: Delivered within 45 working days after payment, subject to availability.


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