Directed Energy Weapon Solutions

The Future of Warfare: Directed Energy

-Sample Prototype-

Directed Energy Weapon Solutions
Power source Electric Power – Generator
• **************
• Turbofan Engine (******)
• Turboprop Engine (*******)
• **** 90kVA Generators
• Megawatt Generator
• 200 kVA Generators
Energy Storage Power and Thermal Management (****)
• Battery Management and
Integration (****)
• Pumps
• Fuel Exchangers
– New Design Scaled Vapor Cycle System DC/DC

• Adaptive Power Controller

• Flywheels (Gap) ****************
• Auxiliary Power Unit (*******)
• Heat Exchanger
• Electrical Controls
• Discharge Channel
• Heat Exchanger Duct
• Air Production System Groups
Marking and Stabilization
• High Performance Navigation
Systems and Components
• GPS – Denied Capability
• ********* (Vibration Damping)
• Advanced ******** Referral Platform

Directed energy is an umbrella term that refers to electromagnetic energy, atomic and subatomic particles, which we can express as condensed (contained in a concentrated state). These weapons refer to highly focused energy used to destroy enemy equipment, facilities, personnel, disable counter systems and ammunition, cause damage to the enemy or destroy devices. Directed energy constitutes an important subset of electronic warfare methods. With the development of technology in the field day by day, directed energy systems are becoming more powerful and effective. Directed energy weapons that can attack at the speed of light have the capacity to eliminate classical and intercontinental missiles. Directed energy has many benefits to offer to states in the field of defense industry. 

Weapons, systems and ammunition that use this energy; It has the ability to move at the speed of light, can be used regardless of weather conditions, can focus on many targets at the same time, can intervene on the target more than once, can cause damage at various levels, has minimal damage to the environment, and has low operating costs. Likewise, destruction, detection and exploitation tasks can be successfully carried out. 

Weapons enhanced with directed energy; It can disrupt opposing weapons or systems, interrupt communications, and manipulate the system. It causes damage, destruction and disruption to the devices and equipment of enemy forces. Directed energy includes radio frequency systems, laser systems, electromagnetic launch systems, anti-satellite and high-power microwave systems. Countries have begun to show intense interest in directed energy weapons, which means energy weapons directed in a certain direction at a certain intensity. Investments made by countries in the field are increasing day by day. The United States (US) Army has begun adding directed energy weapons to its arsenal. According to Defense News, military officials have awarded contracts to Northrop Grumman and Raytheon to develop directed energy weapons. Likewise, Lockheed Martin is working to produce the directed energy solutions needed by the American army. 

Laser weapon systems, radio frequency and other directed energy technologies are being developed for use on air, ground and sea platforms to provide the military with a countermeasure alternative. Another country that continues its efforts to meet the need for high technology on the transformation of modern warfare is the People’s Republic of China. On November 28, 2017, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense published a video of the testing of a new laser-based air defense weapon designed to prevent unmanned aerial systems. It is known that Russia has developed a directed energy weapon that can destroy the navigation systems that guide devices in manned/unmanned aircraft and precision-guided missiles. Turkey continues its work and activities in this field. ALKA, introduced by ROKETSAN at IDEF 2019, is an indicator of Turkey’s determined progress in this field. Nowadays, according to changing threat types, new types of defense needs designed with innovative technologies emerge. 

ALKA will be able to prevent new threats thanks to its ability to jam electromagnetic waves and to safely destroy or functionally block single or swarm drones. The ability to use ALKA mobile and fixed is an important element of the opportunities it will offer to our security forces. According to some researchers, directed energy is an energy that has the capabilities to change the nature of war and will give those with this technology superiority in the field of operations. According to some researchers, excessive promises are made for this energy. In other words, the technology in this field has not yet reached a sufficient level to meet the promises. Considering the developments in the field, it is observed that directed energy technologies will increase the effectiveness of the military in conducting operations and facilitate strategic operations. In addition, the fact that this technology attacks electronic systems without directly harming civilians and other living beings is of great importance in terms of the principle of protecting and preventing harm to the civilian population in war, and is promising for the acquisition of the high technology needed in new generation wars.


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