software specially developed for Telegram. ​ ​


Adding members to the desired group and channel by pulling members from the desired group and channel with the software specially developed for Telegram. ​ ​

What is TeleBot?

-TeleBot is a Telegram tool written for mass messaging, adding members to the group, sending messages to their contacts, attracting members and more.

What features does it have?


-Adding members to the group

– Send bulk messages

– Send bulk messages to your contacts.


What are the features planned to be added in the next version?

-Timed sharing

-Group bot operations

-Adding withdrawn members to Contacts based on their phone numbers

-Sharing to specified groups + time


How to proceed after purchase?

-Application will be installed on the purchasing user’s machine.

-Prepared user manual will be sent.

– If requested, it will be shown how to do the operations.


Note: Delivered within 15 working days after payment, subject to availability.


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