The course has been prepared in Pdf Format, in Turkish and English.

While starting
1. What is Dropshipping?

Set Up Your Shopify Store
1. What is Shopify?
2. Create Your Shopify Account
3. Name Your Business
4. Connect Your Domain
5. Create a Unique Store Logo
6. Choose a Store Theme
7. Dropshipping Tool to Grow Your Business
8. Connect Plugins to Shopify
9. Transfer Products To Your Store
10. Optimize Your Product Page to Convert
11. Create a Professional Homepage
12. Store Policies and Legal Pages
13. Set the Navigation Menu
14. Set Store Currency and Payment Provider
15. Output Settings and Shipping Zones
16. Go Live in Your Store!

Find the Best Dropshipping Items to Sell
1. 6 Criteria for Choosing a Good Product to Sell
2. How to Monitor Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores
3. Choose the Best Dropshipping Suppliers
4. Secret Ways to Find the Best Dropshipping Items
5. Narrow Your Winning Products

Introduction to Online Marketing
1. Online Marketing Methods

Create, Configure and Launch Facebook Ads.
1. Introduction to Facebook Ads
2. Set up a Facebook Page
3. Create a Facebook Ad Account
4. Install Facebook Pixel
5. Audience Research
6. Create a Video for Your Ad
7. Set Your Campaign Goals + Ad set
8. Post Your First Facebook Ad!
9. Analyze Your Ads – Scale Your Success!

Manage Your Business
1. Fulfill Your Orders
2. Manage Returns and Refunds

What happens next?
1. Bonus Lesson / What’s Next?



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