Universal basic income for Turkey (ETG)


Every citizen a universal basic income the income of a certain amount of obtained model. This model can be used to reduce poverty throughout the country, and may play a role in encouraging labour force participation to increase.

The Transformative Power Of Social Justice

A Universal Model Is:
Any citizen can receive a certain amount of the basic income system. This model accepts that everyone has the right to be treated in an equal and fair manner.

Reduces Poverty:
Universal basic income, and reduce poverty levels can promote social justice.

Encourages You To Contribute:
Because this may increase the labour force participation rate of citizens to meet their basic needs, they can be more selective about the conditions they work.

In which the legal and economic changes are necessary?

The Main Changes Are:
Constitutional reforms and economic applications, it is important for the implementation of universal basic income.

Fiscal Policies:
Universal basic income, can use different fiscal policies that contains a mixed economic system. These models vary according to the current economic conditions.

Determination Of Basic Needs:
Under a system of universal basic income, it is important to identify the basic needs of citizens. Different living conditions in different provinces should also be considered.

The Potential Benefits Of A Universal Basic Income

Poverty Reduction:
Universal basic income reduce poverty and enhances social justice.

More Labour Force Participation:
Which is sure to meet their basic needs of citizens by being more selective, they can demand better working conditions and wages.

Social Security:
Meet the basic needs of citizens, poverty reduces the risk of illness and disability in the case of different social and provides assurance.

The New Economic System To The Person With More Margin Calls

In Turkey, there are many advantages that brings to benefit from universal basic income. This model provides more margin for individuals and a new economic environment creates. This, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and encourages a freer life.

The Equality Of Income Distribution Improves

Universal basic income may increase the equality of income distribution, and social justice can strengthen. In addition, in times of mass unemployment, Universal basic income, sources of income can meet the basic needs of the people who are in need of.

Income Universal Solution Models

Basic Income Model:
Everyone, just because of the existence of a regular basic income is a system that has. This income is sufficient to meet the basic needs of the people, and makes people’s lives less stressful.

Positive Aspects:
The enhancement of the welfare of poor people, everyone’s basic needs met, people social rights, liberty, equality, and Justice.

Stage Of Development:
The application was attempted in more than one country but overall it’s not very common.

Possible Problems:
Non-working and the cost of inequality between those who are working people, the effect on employment to encourage risk.

The Community-Based Model
This model is applied in places where it is not possible for everyone basic income. In this model, people are supported with revenue from other communities.

Farmers to support each other, to reduce production costs and increase their bargaining power is provided.

Grants and donations that are given by various people with local civil society organisations are supported.

Businesses that provide contributions directly to employees.

Respect Labor Model
In this model, contribute to the wellbeing of employers to pay workers a higher salary.

To keep high the morale of the workers, to promote their work.

Training Opportunities:
Workers by offering training and development opportunities, by providing flexible working hours.

Social Rights:
Social rights of employees and employers are met by ensuring that charged.

In this model, increases the costs to employers, but check with the staff to be hired for better quality may result.

Tax Financing Model
This model, it is financed by general tax money collected from this source countries. This tax, especially in high-income people, and companies, is a tax that employers must pay.

High-gain more people and companies who are required to pay tax.

It is funded through taxes, social programs are distributed through the source countries.

Ineffective social programs, inadequate facilities, the promotion of charitable aid.

The debate about universal basic income

A Discussion Of Authority:
Some of them, says a universal basic income could trigger issues with authority. Some people work to satisfy their basic needs they didn’t have to many people for their jobs may not be needed.

The Discussion On Social Justice:
Some universal basic income, a team that will bring a solution to the problems of social justice believe. However, this system and what resources will be used to fund where it is cut it is still unclear where or which.

The Implementation Discussion:
Universal basic income countries regarding the application of the differences in the application process, can make it difficult.


By Murat Mustafa Ciritçi

Eşsiz ve Muazzam

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