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Is it possible to beat gravity?
Yes! Anti-gravity generators, unlimited
the way to generate free energy from the source.
Unlimited Energy and UFO Technology
With Anti-Gravity Generator
Estimated Market Share of Hydrogen
Working Principle
A gravity generator is a device that produces unlimited energy by utilizing the gravitational field.
R&D Studies
Gravity generators are not yet suitable for use on an industrial scale.
The current situation
Gravity Generator Applicability and Future
available where available.
Our planet, In Space, natural power sources such as wind turbines and sea currents are difficult to access.
The gravity generator could play an important role in energy production in the future.
Usage areas
Future Potential
The working principle of the generator is due to the height difference of the center of gravity.
Anti-gravity technology is actively being researched and tested by many scientists.
is being done.

What is Gravity Generator?
During the last years of the twentieth century, from 1996 to 2002, NASA allocated
funds for the Propulsion Discovery Physics Program N (BPP). This program is a
space propulsion program that does not receive funding from regular universities or commercial channels.
is doing.

He worked on a number of different designs related to Concepts similar to antigravity
were investigated under the name of diametric operation. The work of the BPP program, Tau
As the Zero Institution, it continues independently, not affiliated with NASA.
Propulsion Invention Physics Program
UFO Designed with Technology
Nikola Tesla’s Anti Gravity
Estimated Market Share of Hydrogen
This article was originally published in the August 1959 issue of FATE.
It is based on the independent production of energy by affecting
Patent Number: US2312244A
Design Year: 1928
Tesla’s concept of electrogravitic aircraft was originally conceived in 1919.
The principle here is to calculate the inertial mass of circular motion machines.
Otis T. Carr and his Flying Machine U-Tron
Over the years, Otis T. Carr’s name has become a flying drone he is said to have built and tested.
As is always the case with such reports, there is insufficient detail.
machine and a power source he named U-tron.
has received.
However, in Carrs’ case, US Patent 2,912,244 for an ‘Amusement Device’
“Any object accelerating towards an axis relative to the inertial gravitational mass
the vehicle was instantly activated by the energy of space and acted as
an independent force.
The working principle stated byCarr ‘
Source: KeelyNet 12/23/01
Estimated Market Share of Hydrogen
Otis T Carr
‘A diagram of the patent
Thomas Townsend Brown Larry Deavenport
On Anti Gravity and Free Energy
develop devices based on their ideas, use them by industry and the military.
Thomas Townsend Brown (March 18, 1905 – October 27, 1985), American strange electric effects
to the movement of particles , also called “ionic drift” or “ionic wind”
is named.
He was an inventor who made him believe he had discovered a gravitational connection. a great life
What Brown observes is, rather than being a force against gravity, generally speaking.
electrohydrodynamics, charged charges transferring their momentum to the surrounding neutral particles in the air
and named his field of study electrogravitic.
His research on
tried to encourage its use. “found the name for the phenomenon he discovered” Biefeld-Brown effect
What is Hydrogen Fuel?
means balancing with some other force, such as aerodynamic lift.
Anti-gravity, creating a field or object independent of the effect of gravity
The gravity blocking object “Cavorite” can be given as an example. Newton’s
weight reduction or the force of gravity through electromagnetism or
Except that Anti-gravity is impossible.
According to the universal gravitational law, gravity can occur in some unknown ways.
in the context of spacecraft propulsion . This is in HG Wells’ first people on the Moon.
is the thought. It is under gravity as in free fall or orbit
is the result of geometry. According to the theory, some conditions that are specifically met
does not come. Antigravity is a recurring concept in science fiction, especially
took. According to general relativity, gravity is not a force; space time
It was a transmitted external force. General relativity replaced Newton’s theory in the 20th century.

By Murat Mustafa Ciritçi

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