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Environmentalist and for the Streets of Istanbul
Decorative Solutions

We are looking for practical, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions to deal with the problems on the streets of Istanbul. In this presentation, you will explore creative and functional ideas to meet the needs of the streets.

Natural Ingredients and Greening
Natural Design
Using natural materials on the streets, historical
we can create aesthetics suitable for texture.

Green Streets
Environmental pollution by greening the walls of buildings
We can fight against it and add color to the city.

Lighting and Decoration
Romantic Streets
With lights hanging in baskets,
a romantic atmosphere for the streets
we can add.

Old Istanbul
Street with historical texture
Istanbul with its lamps
We can reflect the mystical atmosphere.

A Strong Stance
black and white accessories
using a bold style
we can create.

Street art
1 Intertwined with Art
Bringing various works of art to the streets
reflecting the culture of Istanbul
We can discover its richness.

2Originality and Creativity
Original works of street artists
You can decorate the streets with
We can create atmosphere.

3 Traveling With Art
on the streets of Istanbul
works of art on our tours
Discovering is a pleasant experience for us.
can offer.

Creative Solutions for Stray Animals
Cozy Slots
Warm and friendly to stray animals
to provide a comfortable nest,
recycled cardboard
designs from boxes
we can.

My Food Is Ready
street animals
where to put their food,
using colored containers,
appropriately and creatively
we can create.

Water Pleasure
water for stray animals
designed and stylish
We can use waterers.

Recommendations Reflecting Cultural Reflections
old Istanbul photos,
on the walls of buildings
reflecting on the historic streets
time travelling
we can.

History with a Taste of Coffee
To the streets, old Istanbul
used in coffee
with table and chairs
We can add an authentic atmosphere.

Living History
works of art in museums,
bringing history to the streets
We can strengthen the tissue.

Solution Suggestions for Garbage Containers
Green Capsule
garbage containers, wood
plant placed on frame
eco-friendly with pots
We can create a design.

Color Drawings
cute to garbage containers
environment by adding drawings
we can raise awareness.

Trash containers, motivation
environment by writing words of encouragement
help strengthen consciousness
we can be.

Solution for Electric Poles and Cables
1 The Hidden World of Cables
By covering the cables, a more aesthetic
We can get the view.

2 The Colorful World of Poles
Electric poles, contrasting colors and
by painting with geometric patterns,
We can add color to the streets.

3 Art Decorated Electricity
Electricity painted by artists
pillars, the beauty of art in the street

Kind regards,
Murat Mustafa Ciritci


By Murat Mustafa Ciritçi

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