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Attention with Economic and Environmental Benefits
Attractive Plant

Cannabis, which can be used in many industries, is not only economical but also
It also attracts attention due to its environmental benefits. In this presentation,
Hemp’s history, production process, legal situations and future opportunities
You will learn about.

What is Hemp and Its History
Hemp has been our health for thousands of years
used for and many
played a role in the important event.
Usage areas
Hemp, textile structure
many materials to
used in industry. Even
even in the structure of cars
safe and durable to use
is a material.

Cannabis, hundreds of years of residue in the soil
can be grown and other
consumes less water than plants.
Economic Benefits of Using Cannabis
High Efficiency
Hemp, seeds, fiber and volatile
rich in oils and
in terms of production
it is efficient. Also the products
is in high demand.
Cost Reduction
Hemp, more than any other plant
grows fast and low maintenance
requires. Also many
used in industry
because the regional
to economic development

Profitable Investment
Hemp is attractive to investors
may be an option. In the past
those who invest in this plant, good
they got a response.

Cannabis Production Process
1 Region Selection
Hemp doesn’t extract a lot of nutrients from the soil, which is
Therefore, a good land selection is vital.

2 Seed Selection and Planting
Cannabis seeds, their properties and use
are selected and planted according to their purpose. Product quality
will depend on the characteristics of the seed.
3 Harvesting and Processing
Cannabis is harvested at a certain point and
then grinded. The resulting pulp is then fiber
and separated into seeds.

Environmental Benefits of Cannabis
Healthy Soils
Hemp, preserving soil health
growth conditions of other plants.

The use of pesticides
Cannabis, pesticide like other plants
does not require its use. This
For this reason, agricultural activities
environmental impact is reduced.

Wind Erosion Prevention
hemp, preventing wind erosion
soil loss due to its

Legal Situations in Cannabis Consumption
International Legal Situations
Many countries, regulations for hemp
he did. However, some countries still have restrictions

Legal Situation in Turkey
Legal status of hemp in Turkey, certain conditions
allowing agriculture to be done.
However, it can only be grown for industrial purposes.

Misunderstandings About Cannabis Use
It is illegal to use cannabis. Wrong. Using cannabis is legal in some countries.
illegal, but legal in many countries.

Cannabis consumption leads to addiction. Wrong. The psychoactive substance in cannabis,
It depends on the type and amount of consumption. However,
It has been proven that it does not cause addiction.
Cannabis causes switching to other drugs
It is possible.

Wrong. Few cannabis users
switches to drugs. hemp, other
should not be equated with drugs.

Future Opportunities for Cannabis Use
Hemp, including biofuels
in many industries, including
a versatile tool that can be used
is a plant. to be used more often
regional economy as
can also affect positively.
Cannabis in many different forms
usable, new
enable the development of technologies
recognizes. Eco-friendly alternatives
companies seeking hemp
to explore the potential it offers
has begun.

Hemp, renewable and low
Because it is a carbonaceous material
an environmentally sustainable
is an option. more hemp
production compared to other plant species.
less water use and harmful
can reduce the emission of gases.

Kind regards,
Murat Mustafa Ciritci

By Murat Mustafa Ciritçi

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