underground resources in Turkey

Turkey is very rich in oil, natural gas and mineral resources. These resources help the country support various activities such as industry, trade and tourism.

oil resources

Oil exploration and extraction methods

Oil exploration operations are usually carried out using geophysics, geology and drilling techniques. Oil wells are drilled and oil is pumped for extraction.

Turkey’s oil reserves

Turkey’s oil reserves are quite low compared to the countries in the Middle East. However, its current petroleum resources have an important role in meeting the energy needs of the country.

natural gas resources

Turkey’s natural gas resources are richer than oil. The country meets some of its energy needs thanks to the natural gas deposits discovered in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

Hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling and other technologies are used to extract natural gas. However, natural gas resources can also cause environmental pollution and earthquake risk as a result of overuse.

Gold, minerals and other mineral resources

Turkey is also a country with a lot of potential in the extraction of gold and other precious metals. It also produces minerals such as copper, chromium, iron and lignite.

Water resources


Turkey has more than 100 lakes. Its largest lake is Lake Van. This lake is also the highest altitude lake in Turkey.


Countless streams across the country are used in agriculture and irrigation. It is also used for tourism purposes.

water resources management

Türkiye has made progress in water management in recent years. Dams in the country help prevent flooding caused by excessive rainfall.

coal mines

Technologies used in hard coal mining

Hard coal mining is an activity that causes air pollution distress in the country and even around the world. However, emissions have been reduced thanks to the technologies used in recent years. For example, emissions can be reduced by using filtration systems and carbon capture technologies.

Working conditions

Working conditions in hard coal mines are quite harsh. Care must be taken to protect the health of workers. However, thanks to the measures taken in recent years, steps have been taken to improve working conditions.

lignite resources

Lignite is Turkey’s largest fossil fuel resource. According to researches, lignite reserves in the country are quite large and play an important role in energy production. However, lignite extraction is a destructive natural resource extraction activity and creates environmental risks.



Turkey is very rich in terms of energy and mineral resources. These resources play an important role in the development and development of the country.


Extraction of natural resources can cause environmental risks and health problems. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that activities cause minimal damage to the environment.


The demand for Turkey’s natural resources is expected to increase further in the future. Therefore, the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies is important to conserve resources.

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